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- Filip Timmermans

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Flexibility and energy efficiency make for a perfect combination when it comes to modular architecture. The tiny Skilpod houses offer all of the advantages of prefab design as zero energy and plus energy modular homes that can be rented out in Belgium. The design team developed these box-like homes in collaboration with the UAU Collectiv as a kind of social housing project that caters to singles and elderly people who don’t require large living spaces.

The 48-square-meter (516 square feet) Skilpod homes are made completely from cross laminated timber and can be customized to produce more energy than it uses. The design can include solar panels, heat pumps, efficient ventilation systems for heat recovery and automated sunscreens. The team, which has been manufacturing prefab mini-houses for over two years, developed the design in collaboration with UAU Collective from Hasselt.

They are currently researching possibilities of using the modules as homes for the elderly, as a way of keeping families together and eliminating the need for retirement homes. The modules are produced in the company’s factory in Geel, Belgium, and are easily transported throughout the country.

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