Ham — Nieuwstraat

In the quiet, rural Ham, Skilpod will build this small new project. We'll be replacing the existing building with 4 new timber frame homes, which means you benefit from the reduced 6% VAT rate on the house and the building plot. The homes will be placed on a slight slope and two of them have a big basement. 

We've started the construction in our workshop! Expected delivery in the summer of 2023.

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compact living in a quiet neighborhood

On this quiet street in Ham, we are removing the old building and installing 4 brand new Skilpod timber frame homes. The lot slopes slightly, which gives us the opportunity to create a big basement underneath two of the homes. One of the homes has 4 bedrooms, the others all have 2 bedrooms.

The all-in price excluding VAT and taxes for these houses varies between €295.040 and €367.639.

In any case, you'll benefit from the reduced VAT of 6% on the houses and building plots. On the details page of each property, you will find the calculation of the total price. 

The above prices include all of the following:

  • The home itself, ready to move in
  • The building plot in the Nieuwstraat
  • Guidance and help with the paperwork at every step of the process
  • Construction site work: demolition of old buildings, earthworks and removal of excess soil, foundations, cistern...
  • Basement with garage door & outside stairs to the front door (for the houses where a basement is included in the plans)
  • Walls painted white
  • A clean-up before the hand-over
  • General costs (connection to utilities, inspections and reports...)

Garden landscaping is not included, so you can still do your own thing. You'll also get to choose a few finishings on the inside. The exterior finishing in red and white stone strips has already been decided.

available houses

You'll find a list of available Skilpods for this specific location below. Please note: the prices you see here, are the prices of the homes and building plots, excluding VAT. You'll find a detailed calculation of the full price on the page of each individual home. 

location of the homes

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Would you like to know more about the houses in the Nieuwstraat in Ham? Contact us and make sure to mention "Ham Nieuwstraat" in your message.

life in a Skilpod

Every Skilpod is slightly different, but we love to show you a sneak peek of what your new home could look like.