Lokeren — Hoedhaar

In the lively center of Lokeren, a new green neighborhood is springing up. Hoedhaar is an impressive conversion project, where an old industrial site is turned into a park with homes, condos, commercial space and a daycare center. 

Skilpod will be building 10 brand new homes at the site.

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green living in the city

It may seem like a paradox, but it's perfectly possible. At Hoedhaar, you'll be living in a green environment within the city. On the site, a new park was constructed and you can live inside this park. 

Skilpod is building 10 new single-family homes at the Hoedhaar site: 2 #130 homes with 4 bedrooms and 7 #110 homes, each with 3 bedrooms. The all-in price excluding VAT and taxes for these homes is between €281.094 and €317.721.

The building plots are sold by a third party, which means you don't have to pay VAT on the plot, only 12% registration tax. The VAT on the construction is 21%

The above prices include all of the following:

  • The home itself, ready to move in
  • The building plot at the Hoedhaar site
  • A personal parking spot at the Hoedhaar site
  • Guidance and help with the paperwork at every step of the process
  • Construction site work (foundations, cistern...)
  • Walls painted white
  • A clean-up before the hand-over
  • The architect fees
  • General costs (connection to utilities, inspections and reports...)

To keep a unified image, the exterior finishings are already decided. But you get to make it your own by choosing the interior finishings.

Since Lokeren is quite far from our own home base Geel, and we want to give you the best service possible, we'll be collaborating on this project with a local Skilpod expert: Animmo. If you are interesting in a home at Hoedhaar, contact them via info@animmo.be or 0475 66 95 93.

available Skilpods

You'll find a list of available Skilpods for this specific location below. Please note: the prices you see here, are the prices including the building plot, but excluding VAT and registration tax. You'll find a detailed calculation of the full price on the page of each individual home.

location Hoedhaar-site

Would you like to know more about living at Hoedhaar? Contact our local Skilpod expert Animmo.

life in a Skilpod

Every Skilpod is slightly different, but we love to show you a sneak peek of what your new home could look like.