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building process — what is the Skilpod ambassador bonus?

what is a Skilpod ambassador and the ambassador bonus?

Over the past few years we have built several hundred Skilpods and we noticed that more and more Skilpod owners started recommending us to friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors and sometimes even random people walking by. We are obviously very happy about this, because a recommendation from a customer is the best proof to us that we are doing a good job.

We consider these people to be Skilpod ambassadors: our biggest fans.

To thank them, we created the ambassador bonus. For every house we sell thanks to the recommendation of an ambassador, that person gets a financial thank you, up to 1,000 euros.

how exactly does the ambassador bonus work?

You can find the official rules here, but in a nutshell, the most important thing is that as an ambassador you tell the new potential client that at the first 1-on-1 meeting with Skilpod, he or she should let us know that you recommended Skilpod to him/her. We note this in our system and handle everything from that point on.

If that person ends up buying Skilpod and getting a permit, you get your ambassador bonus.

Good to know: this applies to each individual house. So you can recommend multiple times and get the bonus. Do you recommend someone who buys 10 Skilpods? Then we multiply the bonus by 10.

can only customers become ambassadors?

No, all our fans can become ambassadors. All that matters is that initial recommendation. After all, we know we have many fans who, for whatever reason, can't build with Skilpod today (yet), but are enthusiastically telling other people about us. That, too, is ambassadorship. The biggest difference is that the ambassador bonus for customers is 1000 euros, and 500 euros for non-customers.

Of course, we know that a recommendation from someone who lives in a Skilpod himself and has gone through the whole building process with us will have more impact than from someone who hasn't gotten that far yet. But we appreciate every recommendation.

Not a customer yet? Then be sure that the person who comes to Skilpod has your contact information as well and can provide it to us if it comes to a sale. Otherwise, it will be difficult to award your bonus.

is that even reliable?

It is true that this bonus may give ambassadors a financial incentive to present Skilpod more rosy than they otherwise would. We trust you to be a good judge of how honest your family member, friend, acquaintance, colleague, etc. is. Because we communicate transparently about this bonus, you can include that information in your considerations.

Should the ambassador tell you something that is not or no longer true, e.g. about a device we no longer use in our current models or a way of working that we have changed, we will let you know in your conversations with us. When in doubt: just ask.

Published: 13 July 2023