unlimited ambition?
join the revolution!

We have big dreams here at Skilpod and plan on taking over the world with our revolutionary approach. Gone are the days of slow and inefficient construction. Through smart work and a systematic review of all the elements in the building process, we bring quality homes with beautiful designs into everyone's reach.

Is this a future you want to help create? Are you overflowing with ideas on how to improve construction? Do you like being on the winning side of the revolution? Then we want you on our team.

Skilpod is looking for

what do we offer you?

First off: we offer you a clear mission: to revolutionize the construction industry and make sure a beautiful, quality home becomes accessible to anyone. At Skilpod, you don't have to be some kind of techie from Silicon Valley to innovate. We believe everyone can help make a product better and smarter.

And also:

pleasant working conditions

With the exception of the on-site teams, all our employees work in the same pleasant location. Our workshop is in Geel, in a low-traffic area next to the canal. At the start of your first workday, you'll get your toolkit, equipped with top brands. And inside our workshop, you'll never have to suffer through the whims of our Belgian weather.


We work with flexible hours and don't adhere strictly to the official construction leave periods. Unless of course, you prefer to take your holidays then.

a job with a future

Because Skilpod is growing at lightning speed, we are the perfect environment for you to grow along with us. You'll get all the training you need and we always promote internally first.

a salary in line with your capabilities

Skilpod pays a decent and fair salary, based on what you contribute to our mission.

a fun, motivated and young team

Ok, we may be slightly biased, but we're convinced we're all great people to work with. This is because we're all invested in that single mission and our noses are all in the same direction. And maybe the internal team party budget also makes working here more fun...

how to apply?

You can reach us at Send us a mail and answer these three questions:

  1. Why do you want to work with Skilpod?
  2. What can you offer us?
  3. How and when can we best contact you?

You can use a classic CV, but you can also unleash your creativity and convince us in any other way that you are the perfect asset for our team. If you convince us, we'll invite you to meet us as soon as possible. No long and complicated procedures. We like efficiency.

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