privacy policy

Skilpod values your privacy and wants to make sure you can share your data with us with full confidence. This is why, in this privacy policy, we explain how we treat your data and what we do to keep it safe.

This privacy policy applies to the website, its subdomains, and all related communications of Skilpod. The latest change was on 27/07/2023. We can adapt this privacy policy at any time. If you have given us permission to send you communications, we'll keep you informed about major updates to this document.

If you have any questions or requests regarding your data, please send them to

who are we?

Skilpod is a brand by Wolfe BV
Acaciastraat 17
2440 Geel
+32 14 58 01 52

why do we use your data?

  1. To communicate with you if you contact us
  2. To be able to create a correct quote if you are interested in purchasing a Skilpod
  3. To fulfill our services and deliver the products you purchased
  4. For marketing purposes (only if you give us permission to do so)
  5. To improve your experience as a customer, our offer and our communication

what data do we collect?

The kind of information we collect depends on the kind of interaction you have with Skilpod. Below is a list of data we may collect during our interactions with you, but only when it is relevant in the context.

Data we may collect:

  1. Anonymous, aggregated data about your browsing behavior on our website
  2. Specific actions on our website where you explicitly share date with us (e.g. downloading a brochure)
  3. Your email address
  4. The language you'd like to use when communicating with us
  5. Your name, address and phone number
  6. Which products you are interested in
  7. Data regarding your building plot
  8. Your communication with us during the sales process

The anonymous; aggregated data is not linked to any of the other personal data.

how do we collect your data?

  1. Tracking cookies (see below)
  2. Forms you may fill out on our website
  3. Forms you may fill out on other websites (e.g. and that are explicitly linked to the company Skilpod
  4. Manually, when you communicate with someone from Skilpod through email, chat, online meetings, phone or in an in-person meeting.

who can access your data?

  1. Authorized Skilpod employees
  2. Third parties that provide us with tools or services we need to offer our own services:
    1. Website and hosting: DatoCMS, Netlify, Combell
    2. CRM and email: Odoo, Hubspot, Zapier
    3. Website analytics and optimization: Google
    4. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube…
    5. Operational: parties involved in the delivery of our services, like your architect or a technician installing something on your building lot

These third parties comply with GDPR legislation. Attention: parties like Google and social media companies may interpret the data they gather on our website in conjunction with other data, to paint a bigger picture about your browsing behaviors. It's possible that they also use this data to provide their own services to other parties, such as personalized advertisements.

how long do we keep your information?

We keep your data as long as it is relevant to provide our services unless you explicitly request to have your data removed.

which cookies do we use?

Our website uses functional cookies. These are necessary to help run the website and don't track your personal data.

In addition, we also use third-party cookies:

  1. Google: for website analytics and optimization
  2. Hubspot: to manage your data in our CRM system
  3. Social media: to show you personalized communication on these platforms

When you visit our website for the first time, we ask your permission to place these cookies. If you give us this permission and would like to revoke it at a later time, you can do so by disabling third-party cookies in your browser.

what are your rights concerning your personal data?

  1. You have the right to view, modify or delete your personal data. This does not apply to data we are legally obliged to keep, such as invoices.
  2. You have the right to revoke your permission to gather personal data and can protest the use of cookies
  3. You have the right to receive a digital document containing your personal data in a machine-readable format.
  4. You have the right to complain about any privacy issue to a data protection authority. For Belgium, you can do this via:

how can you view, modify or delete your personal data?

Send your request digitally to Skilpod via or in writing at the following address:

Acaciastraat 17
2440 Geel

Please note: in order to prevent abuse, we only send the data we have in our database to the email address that is known in our database.