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Chocoladefabriek 1 — #110

All homes in this project are model #110. A compact, well-thought-out three-bedroom home, with everything a small family needs. Depending on the lot chosen in the project, the home will be given a left or right mirroring. Otherwise, the contents and furnishings remain completely the same.

All homes have private front and back yards. In the front yard, space is provided to park two cars on grass pavers.

Skilpods are always energy-efficient homes. We use heat pumps as an eco-friendly way to heat and cool your home. We reach an E-level below 30 just by using these smart techniques and having excellent isolation. If you add a few solar panels (not included in the price) you can easily move the E-level towards 0.

not included


what can you expect to find in this home?

  • 3 bedrooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen with AEG appliances and cooking island
  • Bathroom with walk-in shower, toilet and double sink
  • Separate toilet on the ground floor
  • A big, open living space
  • Storage room upstairs with a connection for your washer

one all-in price, no surprises

It's important that, from the get-go, you know exactly what your new home will cost. That's why we give you one all-in price.

all-in means:

  • The home itself, ready to move in, including flooring, kitchen and bathroom
  • The building plot on the Chocolate Factory site
  • Preparation of the plot (foundation, cistern...)
  • Private parking with space for two cars in front of the door
  • Landscaping (terrace front and back, including plants)
  • Walls painted white
  • A clean-up before the hand-over
  • Architect's fee
  • Guidance and help with the paperwork at every step of the process
  • General costs (connection to utilities, inspections and reports...)

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uncommon design

Skilpods have a unique, modern look. Perfect for the kind of people that like to stand out.

unusually fast

A turnkey home, ready in a couple of months. All that's left for you to do is move in and plan the house warming party.

unexpectedly durable

Skilpods are not tiny houses or temporary care units, but a true home for life, with a quality finish to the last detail.

related questions

Can you build this home in another location

Skilpod #110 is a standardized row house and not available to individuals as a separate product. This is because it is not possible to fit this row house just anywhere. This model is only available for larger projects.