#144 is a single-story home with 4 bedrooms and 144m2 living space

The #144 is our biggest home and perfect for big families that don't like stairs. The extra-large open living space has a central cooking island, seating area and two extra wings with room for storage, a home office, play corners...

all-in price: €266.112 excl. VAT | €321.996 incl. 21% VAT


building: €230.959
plot preparation: €24.753
general costs: €10.400 


not included


what can you expect to find in this home?

  • 4 bedrooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen with AEG appliances and kitchen island
  • Bathroom with walk-in shower and bathtub
  • Separate toilet
  • Big storage room with a connection for washer and dryer
  • A bright, extra-large, open living space

uncommon design

Skilpods have a unique, modern look. Perfect for the kind of people that like to stand out.

unusually fast

A turnkey home, ready in a couple of months. All that's left for you to do is move in and plan the house warming party.

unexpectedly durable

Skilpods are not tiny houses or temporary care units, but a true home for life, with a quality finish to the last detail.

one all-in price, no surprises

It's important that, from the get-go, you know exactly what your new home will cost. That's why we give you one all-in price.

all-in means:

  1. Support for the permit request, including the survey and sounding of your plot
  2. Help at every step during the building process
  3. Groundworks, foundation, sewage
  4. Your Skilpod, fully ready for you to move in, with painted walls and cleaned before the hand-over
  5. Connection to water supply, sewage, electricity,
  6. All necessary inspections and reports (EPB, ventilation, electricity, sewage...)

Good to know: we adjust our prices regularly, so don't wait too long to request a quote for your project.

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related questions

Do you have any homes that are bigger than 144m2?

No. At this time, #144 is the biggest home we offer. We deliberately choose to design compact buildings. They are more environmentally friendly and will fit the ever-shrinking Belgian building plots.

We do aim to put every square meter to full use, so that you have as much space as possible. Nothing superfluous, only rooms that are designed to perfection.

Do you deliver homes in shell-state?

No. Skilpod focuses on complete turnkey homes, finished to the last detail. This way, we can ensure you get a better package deal, for a lower price than you would if you finished the home on your own. 

In addition, you don't have to waste time coordinating with different contractors and you can move into your new home much more quickly.

Do you do any customizations?

No, because of our unique building process, it's not possible to customize our Skilpods. This means it's not possible, for example, to put in extra windows, arrange the rooms differently, install a different kitchen, etc.

We do love customer feedback and we are always eager to learn from your suggestions. In fact, the Skilpods on offer now have been optimized based on pioneer customers and their experiences. So if you have an idea on how to improve our homes, please do send it. We'll research your idea and if it's an improvement all of our customers would benefit from, we will add it to our new homes.

Do you have a show house?

You can always visit our workshop, where you can see all the Skilpods we're building. You can view them, touch them, sniff them as much as you'd like.

At the moment you can visit a #100 show house (Belgian design). This is always by appointment.