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smart building — a spectacular installation

When it comes to installations, we're used to challenging situations, but what if the construction site is on a street that really isn't accessible for heavy transport and your customer really does want a Skilpod? Then we get together and look at whether there isn't a solution after all. 

Fortunately for this customer, we were able to strike a deal with the neighbors and use their land. From a higher and, more importantly, much wider street, the Skilpods were driven down through the fields. To do this, we had to lay more than 300 steel driving plates so the crane and trucks would not sink into the mud. Additional challenge: two historic trees that the units had to pass under, obviously without damaging the trees. In any case, it was exciting, so we are happy to let you take a look. 

a peek inside

A few months after the client was settled, we were allowed to visit again to see the end-result. A beautiful #140, surrounded by greenery, and all ready to warmly welcome the grandchildren.

Published: 12 June 2023

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