This image shows two combinations of two semi-detached Skilpods

#140 is a three-bedroom home of 140m2, divided over two floors

Ideal for mid-sized families that need more space. All bedrooms are on the first floor, where there's even more additional space on the landing for a home office, play corner, extra storage space... On the ground floor, there's a very spacious storage room for all your stuff. 

#140 is designed as a semi-detached home and available as a left and right variant. On the image above, you see a combination of both variants. It is also possible to place this Skilpod as a detached building. In that case we install additional wooden or stone finishings on the blind wall.

all-in price: semi-detached: €261.331 excl. VAT | €316.211 incl. 21% VAT
all-in price: detached: €275.523 excl. VAT | €333.383 incl. 21% VAT


building semi-detached: €229.428
building detached: €243.620
plot preparation: €21.503
general costs: €10.400 


what can you expect to find in this home?

  • 3 bedrooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen with AEG appliances and kitchen island
  • Bathroom with walk-in shower and double sink
  • Separate toilet
  • Very large storage room with a connection for your washer and dryer
  • A big, open living space
  • Extra space on the first floor landing for a home office or play corner

one all-in price, no surprises

It's important that, from the get-go, you know exactly what your new home will cost. That's why we give you one all-in price.

all-in means:

  1. Support for the permit request, including the survey and sounding of your plot
  2. Help at every step during the building process
  3. Groundworks, foundation, sewage
  4. Your Skilpod, fully ready for you to move in, with flooring, kitchen, bathroom(s), painted walls and cleaned before the hand-over
  5. 8 solar panels of 405 Wp
  6. Connection to water supply, sewage, electricity,
  7. All necessary inspections and reports (EPB, ventilation, electricity, sewage...)

Good to know: we adjust our prices regularly, so don't wait too long to request a quote for your project.

semi-detached or detached construction

This Skilpod is available as a semi-detached or detached home. What exactly does that mean? Depending on the possibilities of your building lot, you can choose the semi-detached or detached version. On a lot for detached construction, you put the detached version, the semi-detached version is built against another house.

In terms of interior design, both Skilpods are the same, only with the detached variation, the blind wall is finished with stone strips or thermowood. We pass the savings on the finishing of the semi-detached variant on to you. That's why you always see the two prices listed for these models.

You can combine all semi-detached Skilpods with each other. For example, you can pair a smaller #90 with a #140 and use it as a care home for your parents. If lot regulations allow, you can also build against another home. If in doubt, please contact us and we'll help you figure out what's possible.

ready for the next step?

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to take the next step.

related questions

Can this house be built as a single-story home?

No, the way the construction plans are made for this house don't allow it to be placed entirely on the ground floor. We also believe that this is the optimal way to make use of every square meter.

For those who want a large home, but don't like doing stairs, there is our #144, a single-story home with 4 bedrooms.

Do you deliver buildings in shell-state?

No. At Skilpod, we are fully committed to complete, turnkey homes. That way you get a better total package, for a lower price than if you were to do the finishing separately.

Moreover, this way you don't have to coordinate with different contractors and you can move into your home much faster.

Can the homes be organised in a different way? Is it possible to adapt the rooms?

No, because of our unique construction process, modifications are basically not possible.

Of course, we do like customers to think with us and our designs are also optimized based on customer feedback. So if you have a comment on how it could be even better, we are happy to listen. We will investigate your idea and if it is an improvement for all our customers, we will introduce it to all new homes.

Do you have a show home?

In our atelier you can see, touch, sniff all Skilpods under construction as much as you want.

Currently we have a #140 available as a show home at our atelier in Geel. In Lokeren, you can visit our #130 show home in the Hoedhaar neighborhood.

Visits at both locations are by appointment only.

uncommon design

Skilpods have a unique, modern look. Perfect for the kind of people that like to stand out.

unusually fast

A turnkey home, ready in a couple of months. All that's left for you to do is move in and plan the house warming party.

unexpectedly durable

Skilpods are not tiny houses or temporary care units, but a true home for life, with a quality finish to the last detail.